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Looking for an easier way to create professional looking wire markers and cable markers? We offer label makers that can quickly create wire wraps, shrink tube labels and laminated labels. A wire marker printer helps organize cables and wires by colors and labels. Never again will you have to guess what wire goes where!

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Dymo RhinoPRO 6000 Hard Case Kit

Dymo RhinoPRO 6000 Hard Case Kit - The new RHINO 6000 is an ideal labeling tool for datacomm, professional Audio/Video, security and electrical systems, as well as all types of labeling throughout commercial buildings, factories, warehouses, and even homes. The RHINO 6000 Label Printer is the first printer in the RHINO product family to offer PC connectivity. The installer can either create labels before reaching the worksite by downloading files from any Windows-based software program or they can create or edit labels while when they reach the worksite.

  • Connects to PC via USB cable. Use Rhino ConnectTM software to create labels on your PC and download them to the labeler for printing on site
  • Meets all ANSI and TIA/EIA-606-B industry labeling standards
  • Exclusive, one-touch "Hot Keys" automatically size, space and format label text for electrical and patch panels, terminal and 110 blocks, wire and cable flags, horizontal and vertical wraps, vertical and fixed-length applications
  • Prints 6 bar code types including Code 39 and Code 128
  • Symbol library includes more than 250 pre-programmed industry symbols, terms, fractions and punctuation marks
  • Basic and advanced serial capabilities print single- and dual-character incremental labels
  • Last-label memory and storage for up to 1000 of the labels you use most

Includes: RhinoPRO 6000 labeler, Hard carrying case, 1" black on white Flexible Nylon Tape, 3/8" black on white vinyl tape, a Li-on rechargeable battery pack, AC adapter, Rhino Connect software & USB cable.

Warranty Information: 1-Year Limited Warranty

Supplies: Label Tape Widths: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" & 1"
Shrink Tube Sizes: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" & 3/4"

PRICE: $309.95

Dymo RhinoPRO 6000 Hard Case Kit





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