Wire Marker Printer

Wire Maker Printer

Looking for an easier way to create professional looking wire markers and cable markers? We offer label makers that can quickly create wire wraps, shrink tube labels and laminated labels. A wire marker printer helps organize cables and wires by colors and labels. Never again will you have to guess what wire goes where!

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K-Sun PearLabel 400iXL General Label & Shrink Tube Printer

K-Sun PearLabel 400iXL General Label & Shrink Tube Printer - The 400iXL is a versatile cartridge based, wide-format thermal transfer printer that prints on adhesive tapes and wide-format heat shrink tube. With 5 ribbon cartridges to choose from, you can quickly and easily make 2-color or multi-colored labels on demand. Each 400iXL comes with K-Sun's MaxiLabel Pro software, which is included FREE. It is now very affordable to make labels for a variety of industrial labeling needs such as wire-marking, safety signs, GHS labels, ANSI / OSHA labels and much, much more.

Label Layout

MaxiSoft® Software is the revolutionary software line that allows you to make your own safety and identification markers, labels, tags and signs using your PC and standard printer. The software gives you the ability to sidestep the hassles of ordering pre-printed standard and custom items from local outlets, printers, and catalogs. With the MaxiSoft® Software Solution, you can have the items you need, in-house, on demand at a substantial cost savings. By using software to mark and label your facility, you have the power to streamline the safety identification process, create a clear, consistent labeling and marking scheme, plus save money.

MEDIA Printing Markers / Media

400iXL Thermal Transfer Printer: This high speed thermal transfer printer is the most effective and easiest way to produce high-quality, durable markers. At print speeds up to 2 inches per second, 300 dpi print quality, the 400iXL can produce batches of markers or just a few in moments.

PolyDurable® Printing Materials: Markers made with the 400iXL Thermal Transfer Printer are printed on PolyDurable® base material that is backed with a specially formulated adhesive specifically for adhesion to pipe and other industrial type surfaces. PolyDurable® material comes in over 10 colors that will not fade in UV light and keeps its opacity in nearly all situations. ANSI specified colors are color matched in the PolyDurable® material for easy compliance. Markers printed on PolyDurable® material don't need any extra overlamination for harsh indoor or outdoor use.

Software Highlights

  • Works with K-Sun® PEARLabel® 400iXL 1", 2", 4" printer and K-Sun PEARLabel® 360 (1" and 1.5" tape sizes)
  • Pattern Printing for Arrow, Checkerboard or Diagonal Stripe Tape
  • Import up to 100 pictographs/symbols
  • QR Code or Data Matrix barcodes
  • Serialization after legend
  • Spanish Signal Words
  • Works with Windows® 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Ability to print durable IIAR markers using separate component printing.
  • Ability to print Medical Gas Markers using Pattern Printing.

Includes: PearLabel 400iXL Printer, MaxiLabel Pro Ver 5.0 General Labeling Software, USB cable, Power Adapter, (1) 4" x 49' White Roll, (1) 4" x 98' Black Ribbon.

Supplies: Tape Sizes: 1", 2" & 4" Tapes
Shrink Tube Sizes: 1" & 2" Shrink Tube

PRICE: $598.00

K-Sun PearLabel 400iXL General Label & Shrink Tube Printer





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